I’ve never gotten into bikes for many different reasons. When I was young, I couldn’t really ride a bicycle very well – whether that was due to balance or just the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable on two wheels. More recently, some of my mates have showed me benefits of having a bike – … More Bikes


I’ve heard a lot of people considering going on the track but have hesitated for many reasons. I might ruin my car. I might hurt myself. Doesn’t the track mean you can’t drive the car on the road? It’s not made for the track. I think that if you ever have the chance to go on the … More Track


Not this type of TimeOut: I’ve come to realise that everyone we meet is doing something with their lives. There is nothing wrong with this but I’ve also come to realise that a lot of us seem to be busy with that something all the time. We never get any time off that we need except for the scheduled annual … More Time-Out

Old and New.

People come together for plenty of reasons: parties, weddings, celebrations, christenings, etc. Why do these people come together though? There must be something that brings them together right? Common ground.  When I first met Ryan, our common ground was not cars; I still wasn’t into cars back then but the memory I have of Ryan … More Old and New.