Bunny Night

So a little spontaneous meet up in the city after long day drive to the Blue Mountains….Zzzzz But did get some good shots and missed a solid hour of Uni the next day… Nathan stop touching my rack… A nice Japanese feel to this… Advertisements

Beached as.

Been such a long time since I’ve done photos… If you’re ever looking for place to shoot, you can’t miss Palm Beach and the drive is pretty sweet as well. Car is progressing…so close to being finished!

Two Ears, One Mouth

I want to talk about something not so much to with cars but just life in general. It’s important to take time out of your day/week/month/year to reset as mentioned in Time-Out. Sometimes I think that problems in life come up where a timeout isn’t enough and you simply can’t reset. Things that you think … More Two Ears, One Mouth

When the GF says don’t take anymore photos of your car…

I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’d talk about cars mostly and things I’m passionate about. Sadly I’m not very passionate about plants or flowers but my girlfriend is. Quick background story – my girlfriend is Norwegian lived in Norway and only moved here about a week ago to study. You’re thinking great! … More When the GF says don’t take anymore photos of your car…


I’ve never gotten into bikes for many different reasons. When I was young, I couldn’t really ride a bicycle very well – whether that was due to balance or just the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable on two wheels. More recently, some of my mates have showed me benefits of having a bike – … More Bikes