Old and New.

People come together for plenty of reasons: parties, weddings, celebrations, christenings, etc. Why do these people come together though? There must be something that brings them together right?

Common ground. 

When I first met Ryan, our common ground was not cars; I still wasn’t into cars back then but the memory I have of Ryan was when a big group of my sister’s friends came over for dinner one night at our place, and coincidentally Ryan was one of the guests. I’m sure Ryan can tell you, he had a passion for cars and he had a Honda DC2 that I don’t think I ever saw unfortunately.

The next memory of Ryan that I had was began when I was looking for a new car when I picked up the 86. I remember the first question I asked him was, “Should I get an RX-7?” His answer was, “Do you know what a rotary engine is?” That was the conclusion of RX-7 search. If you look below, you can understand why I fell in love with this car though:



So who is this Ryan guy anyway? Last time we spoke was about three years ago now and I only found out maybe three months ago that he now owns his an 86. The same Ryan:


I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, there is always some common ground that brings people together whether it was mutual friends, cars or even religion.

Aaron and Ryan both come from a Christian background and that is where their common ground is. Christianity has a culture within itself and each church has its own more specific culture. I also come from a Christian background and I think it was this common ground also that brought me and Ryan to know each other from years ago.

Any car enthusiasts when they talk about their cars, you can hear the passion coming from the tone of their voice. In the same way that Ryan and Aaron were talking about cars, they talked about Christianity with the same passion and drive. Cars is part of their life but I strongly believe that being a Christian is their life. If I’m wrong here Ryan and Aaron, please correct me.

Having more than one common ground brings people even closer together, you don’t just talk about one topic that you’re passionate about but all things in life that you are passionate about and how they have affected your life in different ways.

I know I’ve talked probably too much about Ryan now. This was the first time I met Aaron and he brought his committed fiance along at 11:00pm:


When I say committed fiance; he would proudly let you know that she was the one that did his coilovers for him and she used to own her own 86. I can understand why he put a ring on it so quickly.


Catching up with these guys made me find out how much I had missed in the culture of Christianity and the talks that would be so different if we didn’t have this particular religion in common. It was interesting to talk about how cars work within Christianity which led to a further questions for us is not only what society thinks of us (car enthusiasts) but what other Christians think. A question that Aaron was asked was, “How does your car serve in ministry?” 

Does cars have a place in religion? I don’t have answer and it might be a discussion for another time.

For me, it was a great time catching up with Ryan and meeting Aaron and his fiance. From a photographer’s point of view that night was tough on lighting so I did as much as I could! Hope you enjoy the late night shoot:




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