Delayed But Not Forgotten

First off I apologise for being lazy. If I’m honest, it has been a hectic few weeks since my last blog and things just keep piling on top. I guess the other thing is that after a long day of work or play; sometimes the last thing you want to do is write an essay or edit photos.

But in spelling out all these negative thoughts, I’ve come to realise that I always have this on the back of my mind. It’s not an obligation but I keep coming back to it. Yes, delayed but not forgotten.

Let’s go on with it shall we?

STEVEN. 17692792_10155871966085190_1274118440_o

That’s him. What can I say about him, we got along well! The first time we met was actually at Race Division’s new quarters where he was having some new rotors:

and Varis parts installed:

We got along well because Steven promised that once this was finished, we would go get some famous fried chicken in the city. This was an important turning point in this meet-up; fried chicken is relatable to all people except for vegetarians.

It’s important how this came up, Steven had mentioned before met up that he wanted to talk more than just about cars. Cars was something that he’s always had an interest in but not his top priority. For example, lots of people would use three different cloths (or more) to wash their cars – prewash, midwash and wipe off. Steven just uses one for everything – as long as it looks clean, he’s happy! His car still looked cleaner than mine so that’s saying something.

I asked him what other passions that he had, what he draws inspiration from. Aside from his beautifully built 86, he had an interest in international hip hop culture and fashion (esp. sneakers). This is something that Sherlock Holmes would have to discover for himself but the more things you find in common with someone, the easier it is to get along. I enjoyed American hip-hop music and the fashion that comes along with it.



I think there was a sudden light bulb in Steven’s head when he mentioned he’s been to this restaurant where their windows were lined with shoes and all they were famous for their fried chicken. I was instantly sold, “When shall we go?”

The work wasn’t finished on his car so we booked the week after to go for some proper photos and food.

Sounds odd how we keep going back to fried chicken and sneakers. Steven had mentioned that maybe in a few years (or months) that he would like to be a brand. He wants to have his own line and his own shop. Not just any shop though, he wants something different. To be a brand, you become the endorsement and you are the reputation hence the photo of Steven. He loves Supreme.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was looking forward more to the friend chicken than the photos itself however it turned out to be a really good afternoon for photos with Steven arriving just in time:



I investigated further into Steven’s idea and his brand – what he wanted to do with the concept and how he wants to expand it. Steven explained that he wanted to combine his passions of fashion and vehicles. We see a lot of luxury brands doing it; Hugo Boss, Dior all combine with big luxury vehicles; McLaren, Ferrari, BMW. So why couldn’t someone do it with trend fashion and current car culture? Well you’re going to see it here first, 86xYeezy:

I really enjoyed doing this shoot, it was something different – for me, it was something more than just cars, more than just car culture. When two things come together, it becomes something totally different and it expands to a wider audience. But now that audience is not only captured by the car itself, or the sneakers itself; they’re focused on the whole image and how it works together. 

I think Steven’s concept is great and I’d like to see how his brand develops! You heard it here first that if it takes off, there is some credit due here!

All jokes aside though, you should go visit the restaurant; BUTTER in Sydney CBD. The food was great and there was a window of shoes:


(Credit to

Thank you Steven for taking me to have some delicious chicken and I hope to work with you in the future when your brand takes off!

Here are some more photos of the day:


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