Not this type of TimeOut:

I’ve come to realise that everyone we meet is doing something with their lives. There is nothing wrong with this but I’ve also come to realise that a lot of us seem to be busy with that something all the time. We never get any time off that we need except for the scheduled annual leave to Fiji that will be planned to the minute and then we come back and do it all again.

I think that our daily lives is often consumed by the busy metropolitan city lifestyle where we drink coffee to keep us awake to go to classes/meetings that seem to just now be a habitual part of what life is.

For me, I sometimes get bored with how day-to-day life can just be so repetitive and it begins to feel like Groundhog Day. (If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!) What I have found the I needed to do was take a time-out and do something that is unscheduled and clear my mind.

It’s quite hard to find peace and quiet around Sydney I must admit, even when you’re at home there’s always something to do. And if it’s not chores; it’s games, Facebook, Instagram etc. I wouldn’t say I’m the nature type of person to be fairly honest but I do like that it brings with it a certain relaxation with it.

To get a busy schedule off my mind for the week, my most comforting times is to go for a drive somewhere that is surrounded by nature; whether that is the ocean, the forest or mountains. This is where I find the most peace. Drives alone seems lonely but in this circumstance its exactly what you want. It lets you clear your mind of any noise and plus you don’t have to cater for anyone else…

This is sort of an odd post in a sense because I’m sure most people have a way to break up their week but putting it into words for those who don’t do this, I want to explain how these time outs help me find some sort of peace within the busy lifestyle that we all have. Not saying that it has to be a drive but finding something that helps you breathe and not think about anything but the present moment.

Deep and philosophical this one. Some photos I did when I went of a drive a few days ago:


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