Same Same But Different.

Very very short second post.

First off, shout out to Race Division for helping me adjusting my suspension so that my car doesn’t look like a bloody rally car anymore. Honestly looks ten times better:


Secondly, while at Race Division; their culture is quite different. They are welcoming of all people – not only those who need work on their cars but those who are interested to learn more about cars and have a passion for it:


The same night that they helped me out, I met a couple of guys, one who had a Mazda MX-5 and the other who had a Abarth 124 Spider:

First thought that came to my head was…they look bloody similar later only to find out that they are based off the same chassis.

So looking at it, it’s much like the venture of the 86/BRZ but taken to less of a note to make them twins. They do share many of the same qualities in terms of some interior, chassis, steering wheel but also share many differences; engine, lights, gearbox.

The Abarth for me does look more aggressive and luxurious in a very European way. While I think the Mazda as Carr (the guy who owned the MX-5) mentioned goes back it’s history, a perfectly balanced roadster that is as good on the track as it is on the road.

Now for the comparisons, I’d thought stick to what I’m alright at, taking photos:



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